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DUAIV | 50 years of painting

Tony Agostini Le Chevalet Rouge 18” x 15”

Tony Agostini is a well-listed and much sought after artist who is a member of the prestigious “School of Paris”. His work can be found in the Paris Museum of Modern Art and in many important private collections. His style has many influences but most noticeably Cezanne, Picasso and Braque.

This beautiful painting is a “studio still life” and is housed in a beautiful gold leaf frame.

Up tor sale is a very nice painting by well listed and highly collected artist Tony Agostini. His work is in several important collections and he has been on exhibit throughout the world. His paintings are in the collection of Reta Garbo and Claudette Colbert to name a few. His style has many influences, but most noticeably Cezanne, Picasso and Braque. Agostini was never formally trained and often only painted subjects he imagined in his mind. His work is very unique, and doesn’t technically fall into any one category.

There is a large biography I photographed and it will be included with the painting. This painting was purchased from the Reyn gallery w Agostini was represented in the 80’s.

This oil painting is a studio still life. It’s in excellent condition. Housed in a gorgeous impressionist frame, which is quite valuable on its own merit.

Tony Agostini Information (PDF)